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Patient Portal

ItsMyHealth offers an online service that gives you the freedom to manage your health needs anytime, anywhere.

At ItsMyHealth you can log on to your ManageMyHealth account and access your medical records and other information online.

Similar to internet banking, your records are protected by HTTPS / Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology to ensure your information is completely safe and secure.

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    You will need to provide a personal email address and proof of identity. You must be 18 years old or over to sign up.

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    The practice will provide you with an activation code and instructions on how to complete your registration online.

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    There is an annual fee of $10, which is paid at the time of registration.

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    Order your prescriptions online and you will receive it at a discounted price.

MangeMyHealth is available to you right now.

Available to patients 16 years plus. Ask our team how to join our ManageMyHealth On line portal to make appointments, view your medical records, request prescriptions and email your doctor.

The registration process is quick and easy. Book with our friendly Medical Centre Assistant team on 078665911.